About Us

LIGHTNING BEAR is a cute chubby bear with a flaring lightning bolt on his head who is keen, flexible and fast-moving, likes foods, comics, movies, dreaming of saving the world! Representing young postive generation with a sense of confidence.

LIGHTNING BEAR clothing brand was established in Aug 1, 2010 in Shanghai, abbreviated LNBR, created by Wayne Zhang who used to be a photographer, devoted in advertisement graphic design field for years. Once creativly drafted a cute little bear for a t-shirt printing, and thought it would be a favorite icon.

LNBR was started with larger sizes clothing for big young people who look for fashionable street styles hardly. Over a few years, its styles were rapidly accepted by more and more youths who fit normal sizes, that cute little bear was getting on fire around 2014. Sales performance is probably the most direct way of proving a brand’s popularity.

But other than that, LNBR crews do sharing things. Hanging out together, grabbing coffee, enjoying delicacies, talking about movie posters and comics, drafting down ideas, making them become realities, sharing what they like to customers, that’s what they do.

Company:Shanghai Zunxu Clothing Co., Ltd
Address:Building C, No.888, Huanhu West Second Road,Lin-gang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone,Shanghai, China, 201306

Phone: +86 18521417776